Wow cool, new blog

First posts are cringy, aren’t they? So I guess I’ll just ditch the self-consciousness and embrace how supremely cringy this is going to be.

I have a few different reasons for starting this blog.

One of those is food! I’ve been told by a few people that I should start a food blog. Why? Because I have strong opinions and anyone who knows me can verify this. I regularly upload pictures of nice vegan food I make/eat to Instagram. If you sit down for a meal with me I WILL spend much of the time analysing it (“oh the sour edge of this really complements the tangy sweet salty blah blah blah”).

Another component to this is that finding good veggie food is just hard!! Thankfully it becomes easier as time goes on and this stuff becomes more popular. However, I wanna do my bit to help. Hopefully when I go out to dinner in either of the places where I live (Cambridge and Dublin) I’ll have the courage to take pics and write some reviews.

Travel is another reason I have for starting this blog. As of late I have been traveling a bit more. This year already I’ve spent time in 9 different cities — that is, chronologically, Dublin, Cambridge, London, Taicang, Suzhou, Shanghai, Cork, Florence, and Siena — and I am developing a dose of the money-sapping affliction known as wanderlust. I find so much joy in seeing new places! A blog is a good avenue for sharing all my discoveries, I think, so there’s another reason!

Finally, my attempts at expressing myself creatively have been sporadic to say the least. I hope that this blog can be a place where I can collect my thoughts on various unimportant matters!

Anyway, enough of the mission statement. Hopefully this project actually comes to something. Catch you all on the flipside.


4 thoughts on “Wow cool, new blog

  1. Ooo you have been to China this year! I will be travelling starting January, and aside from a couple of days in Amsterdam, Beijing is our first destination! Will look out for your vegan and travel posts 🙂


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