Saffron Brasserie, Cambridge


Last night, after a long day of car journeys and flights and train rides, I finally arrived back at my other home of Cambridge. Due to the time I arrived, I was unable either to eat at the college dining hall or collect my cooking equipment from international storage, so I suggested to my friends that we go out for dinner. Good decision!

It being probably one of the busiest nights in Cambridge, all of our usual spots were completely booked out, so we ultimately decided to go to Saffron Brasserie, an Indian restaurant on Hills Road. It’s a tiny bit out of the centre of town but we found it to be worth the trek.

As we ordered and waited, we were each served a poppadom and a trio of sauces. I unfortunately did not take a picture as I was absolutely ravenous and simply could not stop myself from digging in straight away.

When it came to ordering, I was delighted to see a huge selection of vegetarian options! There must have been at least 10. This is a rare luxury. I’m no connoisseur of curry (sadly) so I decided to order the one with the most appealing name. This was Vegetable Kashmiri. Rice was not included but there was a wide selection available. I opted for coconut rice, because coconut rice makes the world a better place.

Service was unfortunately quite slow but I’d be hesitant to hold the restaurant wholly accountable for this. After all, it was a busy night, and my group of ten was but one of four large groups in the restaurant at the time.

The food was absolutely worth the wait. The picture above is not exactly my finest work of photography but I hope you’ll forgive me on the grounds that, as I say, I was famished. I couldn’t wait to get started!

The whole affair smelled absolutely beautiful, and I was not disappointed when I took my first bite. What you see in the picture is a third of what was provided, in little dishes to the side. I am not ashamed to inform you that I ate every last bite. It was delicious!

The kashmiri I had was tomato-based, and though I’m not entirely sure, I am relatively confident that what I had was vegan. Furthermore, the whole thing, including the poppadom and a tip, ran me £12, which I have to say is pretty good.

All in all, Saffron Brasserie was delightful. It made for a lovely first evening back and I’d wholeheartedly recommend it.


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