Zizzi’s, Bene’t Street, Cambridge


I would, without hesitation, describe myself as a fan of Zizzi’s, so I was very excited to learn that that’s where I would be taking my children for family night.

To explain that, family night is one of the activities that goes with the Cambridge tradition of college families. This is basically a mentoring system where second years act out the role of ‘parents’ to freshers doing the same subject as them. It’s a great way to get advice, particularly for obscure subject areas like mine (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies). Family night is an evening out where parents pay for their children’s meals.

There were about 40 of us in a group so service was imaginably slow, and I was waiting almost an hour for my pizza. Hopefully next restaurant I go to I’ll have better luck with timing! I understand the delay but it was still frustrating that about half of the people in the group had finished their meals before mine had even arrived.

What I ordered was a Vegan Rustica Margherita with fire-roasted peppers, balsamic onions, and pine nuts. Having had vegan pizza at Zizzi’s before I was excited, but I was surprised to find that this one was a little bit on the bland side, requiring some of the chilli oil to add a bit of excitement. That being said I am happy to accept that I, having chosen the toppings, am accountable to some extent.

In addition to this I shared a bottle of white wine with my family — their cheapest white, the Trebbiano. It made for pleasant drinking and I’d agree with the menu which lists its flavours as “pear and apricot”. I also felt very grown up as it was my first time tasting the wine for the table!

There was a time-limited UNiDAYS student discount of 40% on food, though this did not apply to wine. For my pizza and half the cost of the wine, including 10% service, I paid £15.78, which I think is very reasonable. All told, this was not one of my favourite Zizzi’s experiences, though factors such as the size of our group and my own choice of toppings are most certainly responsible for this. Hopefully the next time I go there I can report a happier outcome!


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