Nanna Mexico, Petty Cury, Cambridge

nanna mexico 2.png


Firstly, I wholeheartedly acknowledge that Tex Mex is not the most photogenic cuisine going. It is, however, up there with the heartiest and most delicious.

The backstory to this is that I was not planning to eat out. In fact, I went to the college hall for dinner earlier that evening so that I could spend dinnertime with friends after a long day of language practice and history reading.

Unfortunately for me, they only chose to serve my LEAST FAVOURITE DISH as the vegetarian option (the universally hated mushroom stroganoff which for some reason beyond my comprehension has a salt content to rival the Dead Sea and also features sliced gherkins). The dinner lady (who is lovely, bless her) made the unhelpful mistake of pouring stroganoff sauce all over my plate, rendering my sides inedible too. I had about four bites before giving up entirely.

Thankfully, my friend is the college Internet Officer and, witnessing my suffering, uploaded hall menus for the rest of the term to the college JCR website, meaning this dark day will not be repeated. Shoutout to Andrew.

Aside from that, I returned to my room and soon the hunger pangs hit, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to eat nice food and also blog about it. I decided on Nanna Mexico.

I haven’t always enjoyed Nanna Mexico before — perhaps surprisingly, my hometown of Dublin has a great burrito scene which has made a discerning judge of me — but everything changed on this occasion.

I had the veggie option, consisting of roasted peppers and onion, in a burrito. I chose the hot salsa and brown beans, opted for all the toppings bar cheese and even got some added guacamole (running me 99p). As I had a TeamFirst discount, a bag of nacho chips with (mild) salsa and a canned drink (Diet Coke) were included.

Let me tell you without hesitation — this was delicious. It was incredibly flavoursome, from the lime of the guacamole to the tang of the jalapenos to the savoury wholesomeness of the beans. I think my mistake in the past was to get cheese which detracts from the delicious party of flavours that takes place in the burrito. I am so pathetically enthused by this.

The TeamFirst deal and extra guac brought this to a very reasonable £7.48 which was absolutely worth it — perhaps enhanced by the fact that I was ravenous at the time. I cannot guarantee that this was vegan even though nothing in the wrap was overtly otherwise, but just to be sure I won’t tag it as such.

In short, I am a Nanna Mexico convert. And in ways, this beautiful moment would not have taken place without the dreaded mushroom stroganoff. Ah, the unexpected silver linings of life.


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