The Snug, Lensfield Road, Cambridge


I have a tradition with three of my girl friends where at the start and end of each term, we go to lunch together. This time, our original plan of going to The Old Bicycle Shop (one of my favourites) was thwarted by the fact that it was absolutely jam packed. However, as we were near Lensfield Road at the time, we decided to try The Snug.

This is a chain of pubs (why is everything in England a chain?) that also serve nice food. A recipe for success!

I chose a veggie dog, as any lover of briochy buns and mustard and sautéed onions would do. It came with their house slaw and skinny fries which are sprinkled with, if my tastebuds are not mistaken, smoked paprika.

I will admit to not being a fan of coleslaw so I cannot comment as to its merits. In fact, it was virtually untouched by the end of my meal. However, the rest was wonderful.

The veggie sausage was one of those ones that’s quite clearly made of vegetables, as opposed to being imitation meat. In my opinion these are a bit hit and miss but this one fell firmly on the ‘hit’ side. The sautéed onions (I was surprised that they used red onions) and American mustard gave the veggie dog a lot of flavour. The chips were also just delectable, and there were plenty of them.

Nicest of all, this meal cost me a mere £6.75, and if that’s not reasonable, I don’t know what is.


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