Sleek Matte Me Review

Since becoming vegan, I’ve wanted to feel my way around vegan cosmetics, and so, when I found myself in need of new lip gloss, I searched around to find what drugstore products are suitable.

Thanks to this list, I found that Sleek MakeUP, one of the brands featured at the ubiquitous Superdrug, had a nice list of vegan lip products, so I thought I’d go and try their Matte Me lip gloss in two colours. At £4.99 each, I was pretty happy about this.

Fandango Purple and Vino Tinto

In truth, Vino Tinto was really the colour I was after. When I swatched it, it looked like a nice dark red, something I haven’t had before. The bright, funky Fandango Purple was a bit more of a last minute thing, because I thought it looked fun.

Left: Fandango Purple. Right: Vino Tinto.

Already when I swatched them at home, there was a difference in their formulations. While Fandango Purple went on smoothly and evenly, I found Vino Tinto quite patchy and difficult. You can see the differences in that picture.

That evening (last Friday, the night I went to formal) I gave myself plenty of time to put on my makeup. I wanted to try Vino Tinto first, but unfortunately this was not to be.

I won’t claim that I’m any good at putting on makeup, but I think it’s fair to say that lip gloss application has never taken me 20 minutes and 5 makeup wipes, only for this to be the result:

sleek matte me 3.png

As you can see, it’s patchy, dry, and I sadly found it just impossible to work with — even if the colour is beautiful.

In a final gamble, I decided to lash on some of the Fandango Purple instead. And lo and behold, the result was completely different!

sleek matte me 4.png

The excuse I make for my poor application is that I was actually running late by this point and was just desperate to get out the front door! However, this went on like a dream. And the colour is so lovely! I am a very big fan.

To conclude, I feel like I experienced two polar opposites here. Vino Tinto was very disappointing, but Fandango Purple was pleasantly, and incredibly, surprising, and is now my favourite lip gloss I own.

I would recommend trying them out in the shop more extensively than I did before buying. They have 12 colours available here, which you can see or buy on their website, and can also be found at Superdrug and Boots.


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