MEE and I, Cambridge


This evening, I went for dinner to MEE and I, situated on Bridge Street. It’s a restaurant with a vast menu of South-East and East Asian style dishes, cooked up by the head chef of Dojo, a noodle restaurant I believe to have been legendary in Cambridge (one of my lecturers was even raving about it a few weeks ago).

I was delighted when I went in to see that MEE and I not only had a very expansive menu, but that there were perhaps five or six vegan options! They all looked delicious and I had a really difficult time choosing, but I settled for the Vegetarian Bangkok Drunken Noodles.

What I got was a lovely, flavoursome dish packed with rice noodles and too many vegetables to name. There was broccoli, pak choi, onion, red pepper, mangetout — I don’t think I could list them all if I tried. There was also some really delicious tofu. It had a very nice firm texture and was deliciously seasoned. I had green tea with this, which was £1 for infinite refills.

This was so delicious! The serving was huge, but I was ravenous after a long day of essay writing and managed to conquer the lot. For the tea and noodles, this came in at £10.10 — all in all, very reasonable. I understand why this chef is the stuff of lore.


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