Thaikhun, Cambridge


Thaikhun, I believe, opened its Cambridge branch earlier this year, and I’ve been waiting to go ever since. I was also really happy that their Facebook page made this adorable post for World Vegan Day.

I’m a big fan of Thai food — honestly, I’m a sucker for spice, and I love sriracha sauce. I was very pleased when I discovered that their tofu sukiyaki, mentioned in that post, could fill the sriracha bottle shaped hole in my heart. The rest of the ingredients seemed pretty great too — I’m a very pro-tofu person, and after having glass noodles in China earlier this year, I’ve really wanted more. I don’t see what could possibly have been better.

The decor of the place was very hip indeed, with vintage style Thai-language ads up, and some nice wooden interiors. The plating was also very much to my liking. My friends’ dishes came on different crockery, so I have no doubt that the colour coordination here is intentional. It’s so visually pleasing! There seems to be a kind of organised chaos to the presentation of the dish.

I really struggled to pace myself with this because it was just that delicious. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had a dish so precisely attuned to my tastes — right down to my love of chilli, broccoli and carrots. I also appreciated that the portion wasn’t massive, as I often feel really stuffed when I go to restaurants.

This cost £9.50, and I believe that from Sunday to Thursday, you can avail of a UNiDAYS discount at Thaikhun, saving a whopping 20%. Such great value for really nice food! Get yourself to Thaikhun as soon as possible!


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